How to Keep Your Relationship sizzling

A relationship usually starts out with enough sparks to start an inferno. But after a while, the flames settle down until you realize that the relationship is not working out as well as you expected it to be. When a relationship turns cold, it can be one of the most draining, most tiring moments in your life. This is how it is for most couples who don’t know how to manage their relationships, but it doesn’t have to be that way for you!


A relationship, like a garden, needs constant care, commitment and love to help it grow. The more care, commitment and love you invest into your relationship, the stronger, healthier and happier it will be.
So what some of the things you can do to deepen your partnership and keep your relationship strong?

Here are Simple Ideas:

1. You had a really tiring day at work and you just want to relax and ignore everything else. May be for you it’s normal but for her it’s not.

2. When you are coming back home, it takes some 20 seconds to think about how you can make the person feel valued and loved who is waiting for you behind the door.

3. The spark of romance takes effort. So, go out together, have drinks, go to a park or have a date night. A break from routine can work wonders.

4. You’re not roommates but lovers. Romance and excitement should be maintained. Something as simple as closing the bathroom door matters.

5. All women have periods and everyone farts. Get over these petty things, be respectful and you’ll be fine.

6. New household duties can feel like a burden. So reframe the tasks. Painting the bathroom or hanging the curtains can be made interesting by doing it together.

7. People give up their friends and other hobbies after moving in together. Once the honeymoon period is over, you wonder why you are bored. Your whole life can’t revolve around one person. You can call over friends, play games and do much more to keep things exciting.

8. Commit or break it off entirely’ is no more in fashion. So, don’t be on extremes. Don’t be too much into or too much out of your partner.

9. Don’t forget your old friends and relatives. These other relations are key as creating experiences outside the relationship gives you stuff to talk about and make things interesting.

10. When you’re cohabitating, spending time in separate rooms or areas is a must.
This is the real game changer.

11. You don’t always have to do the same things. If she feels like watching TV but you feel like reading? Cool, split up.

12. Think of what you are gaining and not what you are losing. Evey relation has a bad and a good side.