The Dragon Tale: Supremacy-Frustration-Fear

We know little about the actual capabilities of China, their combat edge or how professional their military is…they are certainly a greater threat……..Former Air Chief Marshal Fali Homi MajoIn 1962, China attacked India and captured 38, 0f Indian Territory. In present times China is playing a psychosomatic game with India by claiming 96, land of Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh. China is also strengthening India’s neighbor to enhance their all types of proxy wars to weaken India.


In May 2007 Emeritus Martin Walker, the editor of news agency UPI, had said in his report that the most dangerous spot in the world is not in Iraq or the Gaza strip, nor is it in Iran or in the lab of South Korea. This is situated in the east of Tibet, the origin of the Chinese Sangpo, at the height of 14,000 feet above Sea level. In India this is known as Brahmaputra. Brahmaputra is the life line for North East India. China is trying to build the world’s highest dam here so that it can turn the river towards North china that can become the cause of major disputes in the future.

A part from that China is not only capturing Indian markets and doing spying through their products. Indian Air Force has also asked its personnel and their families not to use Chinese ‘Xiaomi Redmi’ mobile as it believes these products could be transferring data to their servers in China and gene be a security risk.

China is unhappy with the India’s 1800km-long road construction project near its border and also reacted sharply on the Pm Modi remark in which he stated, “China should shed its expansionist policy and forge bilateral ties with India for peace, progress and prosperity for both nations.

India has cleared a defense deal of 80,000 crore in which India decided to make 6 indigenous submarines and over 8,000 Israeli anti-tank guided missiles and upgraded Dornier Surveillance Aircraft will be purchased. Recent addition of Rafale is also the boon for Indian fire power. India has also employed Brahmos missiles near Sino-Indian border. The rise in Indian fire power and development of massive infrastructure in North East India is the reason of China’s frustration.

China fears that countries like Japan, India, Vietnam, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia and Korea are trying to join Anti-China group because they either had a war or a conflict of interest with China. China, is worried over the increasing military cooperation between, India, Israel, Russia, US, Japan.

India’s rise in military power and bilateral ties with other countries is not only the reason for China’s headache but China is also suffering from internal bleeding because of rise in unemployment. To divert the attention of its own people from, “Unprecedented” internal dissent, growing unemployment and financial problems, China can launch attack on India in near future.